What else do I need to know?
The main thing to keep in mind is that the County is changing and the Community Development staff are trying to help you as efficiently as possible. With some patience and good information, we will be able to help you with your project as quickly as possible. Louisa County is committed to remaining one of the most efficient and effective governments in the region. We are proud of this distinction, and look forward to working with you.

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1. What can I do with my land?
2. How can I divide my land?
3. What's the best way for me to get an answer to my questions?
4. What permits will I need in order to build?
5. I have an idea for developing my land. Can I do it?
6. Do I need an inspection?
7. How long will all of this take?
8. What else do I need to know?
9. Floodplain / Flood Insurance In Louisa
10. How can I request a zoning determination or confirmation letter?
11. My permit indicates I need a foundation survey and/or setback certification, what does this mean?