Comprehensive Plan

Adopted Comprehensive Plan

Louisa County's existing Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2012. The current Plan and supporting documents are available here
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Comprehensive Plan Update

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Update as of January 7, 2019 after Initial Community Meetings

Comprehensive Plan Update Outline

This outline, approved by the Planning Commission on December 20th, will be used for drafting an update to the Louisa County Comprehensive Plan. There are several areas that will need further consideration by the public before drafting can be completed. Recommended updates will be presented at three public meeting in the near future so that citizens can provide further feedback before drafting is completed.

Citizen Review Committee Meeting Summary

This is a summary of the Citizen Review Committee’s meeting held on December 5th. The Citizen Review Committee was tasked with evaluating the collection and consolidation of community input completed by staff. This step was added to the Comprehensive Plan Update schedule to further ensure the Community Input was being properly evaluated for consideration by the Planning Commission.

Consolidation of Community Input

Following the collection of data shown in the Community Input Packet, staff evaluated and consolidated the information into categories. This is a summary of the methods used and the resulting tables and recommendation. The recommendations include 12 areas of comment that were most frequently documented and should be included in the Comprehensive Plan Update in some respect where most appropriate.

Community Input Packet

The Community Input Packets include a consolidation of inputs and a collection of all the raw, unfiltered, information received by staff at the seven community meetings. Every point of response through comment cards and the dot based voting system is visible here.

Comprehensive Plan Update prior to Community Meetings

A full review of the current Plan is underway. This three-phase effort will involve community meetings, staff review of public input, any resulting drafting/updates, and public consideration by the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors.  The process will involve numerous opportunities for public input and consideration. 

Additional information is below, and further detail will be added as the process continues.  

General Information