Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission

The major function of the Advisory Commission is to identify recreational needs and interests of county citizens and work with the Board of Supervisors and Parks and Recreation staff to satisfy those needs. If you have any comments or opinions concerning recreation, please give your representative a call.

Commission Members: 

Cuckoo District
Debbie Gentry
(540) 894-4751

Green Springs District

Lorrie Pollard

(434) 294-2037

Jackson District
Amy Ware
(540) 967-4420

Louisa District
Mary Johnson
(540) 894-3348

Mineral District
Kathy Zeiler
(540) 273-0481

Mountain Road District
Sarah Perkinson
(804) 461-8642

Patrick Henry District
Mildred Quarles
(540) 967-2331

Barbara Perkins
(540) 894-0567

Lee Shiflett
(540) 967-0062

School Representative
Billy Seay
(540) 894-3883

Board of Supervisors
Willie Gentry
(540) 894-4751