Firearm Safety

Participants will learn the basic principles of handling a firearm as well as instruction in firearm safety. This course is one of the steps necessary to qualify for a concealed weapon’s permit. DO NOT bring your handgun to the weekday class! Participants must provide their own handgun and ammunition for Saturday’s class at the Firing Range. Men and women will participate together for the Range portion of these classes. Firearm Safety is instructed by Detective Sergeant Scott Cox and Deputy Eric Gholson of the Louisa County Sheriff’s Department.

These are the only classes available in 2018

May 9 & May 12
June 13 & June 16
July 11 & July 14
August 8 & August 11

     Wednesday at Sheriff's Department Conference Room at 7 pm
  Saturday at Louisa Firing Range at 9 am
   15 Maximum

May 10 & May 12
June 14 & June 16
July 12 & July 14
August 9 & August 11

Thursday at Sheriff's Department Conference Room at 7 pm
Saturday at Louisa Firing Range at 9 am
15 Maximum