A Message from Director James Smith

“Good, better, best. Never let it rest. ‘Til your good is better and your better is best.”  

As a department, we take pride in our ability to offer programs, classes, and events that positively impact our community. We have recently adopted the tagline of Building Community, Changing Lives & Making Memories. This tagline sets the bar for what we hope to accomplish through our programs and activities. As staff, we are driven by the opportunity that we have to make a difference. In order to achieve our goals and fulfill our desires of building community, changing lives, and making memories, we are committed to providing high quality, purpose driven, affordable programs. We are also committed to making these programs more accessible to everyone in the community. 

For the youth, this summer we’ve added a youth enrichment curriculum to our Summer Day Camp, in addition to games, activities, mini-camps and weekly field trips to the Louisa Arts Center and the Louisa County Aquatic Facility. Your child can join us for the summer or just visit for the week. We are also offering 17 additional Fun-Filled Themed Camps for youth including our very popular Public Service Heroes Camp and a new Emerging Leaders Skills Youth Camp. 

Louisa County Parks, Recreation and Tourism believes that providing services on average for 230 youth, 5 days per week throughout the year, uniquely positions our department in a manner that allows us to play a large role in the development of the youth in Louisa County. We also recognize that youth participation in recreational programs promotes health and wellness, encourages cultural unity and has the ability to foster youth development. Therefore, we have worked with the Louisa County Parks, Recreation & Tourism Advisory Commission to expand our scholarship program to ensure that none of Louisa County’s youth are denied the benefits of public recreation due to the inability to pay. Under the umbrella of LCPRT’s new community impact initiative, Bridging the Gap, financial needs-based assistance is available in the form of scholarships to qualifying individuals. If you believe you are in need of this service, please call our office or stop by to fill out the necessary paperwork.  

Our department is also proud to introduce the new LC Pride Discount Program. This discount program applies to all County Staff Employees and Louisa County Public School Employees. LC Pride members will receive a 20% discount off of any program, activity, or class that has a value of $45 or more. You will also receive 20% off of any weekly LCPRT Child Care Program that has a value of $65 or more. That’s not all! LC Pride members can receive the first 3 hours of a room rental at the Betty Queen Center at a 50% rate.

Join us this Spring and Summer as we to strive to provide Louisa County the BEST opportunities available! 
We hope you enjoy this edition of our Leisure Times and we look forward, as always, to serving YOU and YOUR recreational needs! 

James A. Smith, Jr.

Louisa County Parks, Recreation & Tourism
P.O. Box 864 / 522 Industrial Drive - Suite A,
Louisa, Virginia 23093
(540) 967-4420 / Fax (540) 967-4450
Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.