Louisa County Broadband Authority

Louisa's Fiber Broadband Partnership
March 1, 20121 - Louisa County, Rappahannock Electric Cooperative, Firefly Fiber Broadband, and Dominion Energy announce a Partnership to provide access to fiber broadband for every home and business throughout the County. Click on the link to the left for the Press Release and Frequently Asked Questions regarding this project!

Louisa's Initial Fixed-Wireless Project
The County funded a $1.09 million project in Dec 2017 to enhance the availability of broadband internet in the County. The Louisa Schools have a separate project to provide fiber connections between all of their school facilities, made possible by a federal eRate funded project of $1.39 million. The diagram below attempts to describe the various roles in the County and School efforts in Louisa.

Broadband Initiative DiagramThe Broadband Authority's plan, developed with Wide Open Networks, is to construct an infrastructure of towers and connecting radios. The County and Broadband Authority do not plan on serving customers directly, but to encourage Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) to expand their current coverage into a greater portion of the County. The rural nature of our County often does not meet the WISPs financial models to provide internet in many areas. 

Jouett Tower from roadJouett Tower photo taken from tennis courts Oct 18, 2018
Jouett Tower with guy wiresJouett Tower taken Oct 18, 2018
Jouett Ground EquipmentJouett Tower ground equipment
Jouett Elementary 
tower location aerialJouett Tower Aerial Photo taken Oct 18, 2018
High School location behind Middle School ball fieldsHigh School Tower Aerial Photo taken Oct 18, 2018
Moss-Nuckols Elementary behind ball fieldsMoss-Nuckols Tower Aerial photo taken Oct 18, 2018