Everbridge Citizen Alert

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We are pleased to announce the launch of a new mass notification system for the County! The system, provided by Everbridge, includes three functions: Emergency Notifications, a Citizen Portal, and County Employee Notifications. Information about each is included below.
Emergency Notifications:


Important emergency messages may be sent to the entire County or specifically targeted to certain geographic areas. These notifications will utilize all of the available contact information this Citizen Alert System contains, including:
  • Public and non-public phone numbers obtained from Verizon 911 to be used only in emergencies
  • Publicly available numbers from the white and yellow pages
  • The numbers provided in the Citizen Portal
  • County Employee Notifications section

Citizen Portal

Provides emergency notifications and opt-in notifications for purposes like weather alerts, meeting notices, and program cancellations. Each person who chooses to receive these messages may provide multiple means of notifications (text, email, home phone and cell phone) and may include one or more physical addresses (like your parents, schools or workplace). There is also a quiet time option to prevent non-emergency calls during the night.

This data will not be used for any other purposes nor shared with any other system. It is the citizen's responsibility to keep the contact data and opt-in choices up-to-date. Access the Citizen Portal.


Contact Methods

Ordinarily the notifications will be in the order below depending on which contact information you provide. Each method will ask you to confirm that you received the message. Once you confirm, this will terminate the chain and won't attempt contact to the rest of the methods. Caller identification will usually be from 540-967-4578 and text messages from a random number like 893-61.

  1. Text message to primary cell phone
  2. Text message to secondary cell phone
  3. Email to primary email address
  4. Email to secondary email address
  5. Voice call (may be computer-generated) to primary cell phone
  6. Voice call to secondary cell phone
  7. Voice call to home phone
  8. Voice call to work phone

County Employee Notifications

Provides the capability to send County employee notices such as delayed opening announcements.