Learn & Win (LAW)

Learn and Win (LAW) is the Louisa County Sheriff's Office's premier community policing program. A multifaceted initiative, LAW contains an integral schools element designed to help Louisa County students make smart choices on key issues affecting their future. The LAW Schools program began in Louisa County elementary schools in 2009-2010 and expanded to Louisa County Middle and High Schools in 2010-2011.


The cornerstone of LAW Schools is the elementary school program. The elementary school program focuses on fifth grade students and consists of 9 45-60 minute lessons:
  1. Introduction
  2. Making Good Decisions
  3. Tobacco
  4. Alcohol
  5. Marijuana
  6. Other Drugs
  7. Internet Safety
  8. Gangs
  9. Review
In addition to classroom discussion, activities, and homework assignments, students participate in a capstone exercise consisting of a short essay. The top essayist in each elementary school receives special recognition from the Sheriff's Office. All students completing the rigorous elementary school curriculum receive a special LAW certificate and t-shirt at a school awards ceremony.

Middle School Program

The middle school program consists of 6, 1-hour lessons with 2 lessons at each grade level:
  • Personal Protection Against Crime and Virginia's Judicial System (6th Grade)
  • Substance Abuse and Internet Safety (7th Grade)
  • Gang Awareness and Anger Management (8th Grade)

High School Program

The high school program consists of 4, 1-hour lessons with 1 lesson at each grade level:
  • Conflict Management (9th Grade)
  • Motor Vehicle Responsibility (10th Grade)
  • Dating Abuse and Violence (11th Grade)
  • Identity Theft (12th Grade)


All LAW Schools lessons reinforce decision-making skills and self-esteem and are taught by specially selected Louisa County deputies. Parents and caregivers are an important element of the LAW Schools learning process. For most lessons, students are given informative handouts to share with their parent or caregiver. Parents or caregivers are encouraged to review the information and discuss their experiences and expectations on the issue with their student. While educators play an important role in student development, nothing replaces regular and direct parental/caregiver involvement.

Working together, we can make LAW Schools a valuable learning and life experience for all Louisa County students.