About Sheriff Lowe


Sheriff Donald A. Lowe was elected to office and began his term January 1, 2020.
Sheriff Donald (Donnie) Lowe is the second of three generations of law enforcement officers that have served the citizens of Louisa County, and has more than three decades of law enforcement experience.

Donnie Lowe moved to Louisa County in 1976 and has been active in public service ever since, beginning with volunteering as a member of the Mineral Volunteer Rescue Squad, obtaining the position of Captain and Cardiac Technician - Advanced Life Support along with several other qualifications and instructor certifications.

Work in Law Enforcement

Sheriff Lowe started his law enforcement career as a deputy in 1987 at the Louisa County Sheriff’s Office after serving as the Coordinator of Security Systems at the North Anna Nuclear Power Station. Deputy Donnie Lowe was later transferred and assigned to the Narcotics Task Force (NTF). During his time as a task force officer he was recognized by the United States Customs Service for his outstanding efforts in the investigation of a Jamaican multi-million-dollar international drug smuggling operation that was active in several different states along the east coast. During his career Donnie Lowe has worked on many high-profile cases including, investigations of murder, rape, drugs, gangs, fraud and many more.

In 1999 Donnie Lowe was asked by the newly elected Sheriff, Ashland Fortune, to be Chief Deputy of the Louisa County Sheriff’s Office. While working alongside Sheriff Fortune, Donnie Lowe was instrumental in bringing the Louisa County Sheriff’s Office into the 21st century by developing the department’s technology program, including bringing in car cameras, mobile data terminals, and body cameras to the deputies.
Donnie Lowe’s innovative forward-thinking leadership style was instrumental in helping develop programs for cultural diversity, standards in training, and accountability. Donnie Lowe has also worked hard in the development of a high level of trust and great working relationships with all Virginia public safety and local government partners.