North Anna Power Station Information

Dominion Energy, the operator of the North Anna Nuclear Power Station, and the Virginia Department of Emergency Management 

North Anna Safety and Emergency Preparedness Guide

North Anna Protective Action Zones and Evacuation Assembly Centers

Virginia Department of Emergency Management- Nuclear Safety

Siren Testing

Dominion Energy maintains 68 sirens for the purpose of alerting the public, during an emergency at the nuclear power station to turn their televisions on radios to a local station to receive more information using the Emergency Alert System.  These sirens are tested quarterly.

Transitioning Away From Sirens

Dominion Energy is in the process of receiving approval from FEMA(Federal Emergency Management Agency) and the NRC(Nuclear Regulatory Commission) to replace the sirens with a system called the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS).  The IPAWS alerts are much like those that are sent out for AMBER ALERTS.  Click HERE to learn more about the transition.