Tai Chi ~ Primordial Qigong

This is a traditional set that is focused more on centering and connecting the body, so there are no applications of the form to tai chi (slowing martial arts), but a series of movements to allow us to relax into...while standing or seated. Meghan Bryant is bringing her knowledge beyond the Tai Chi for Health Institute certifications she has shared since 2007 with our community, so that we might enjoy additional methods of relaxation that stay within the Covid guidelines keeping us safe and perhaps strengthen our immune system. Please wear comfortable shoes and loose fitting clothing, and have water ready for your car ride home.

January 12 ~ February 16
Henson Building
7:00 p.m. - 7:45 p.m. 
$31 for 6 classes 
5 Minimum/12 Maximum

LCPRT Fitness & Exercise

The guidelines and requirements below outline the operations of the Louisa County Parks, Recreation and Tourism indoor fitness programs until further notice.

Only full program registration available.

No Drop-In participation will be allowed.

Fitness Guidelines:

  • Participants must remain at least ten feet apart during all activities.
  • Instructors and all participants of fitness classes will follow social distancing as required by guidelines.
  • Hand sanitizing stations available.
  • Masks may be required and social distancing will be followed.
  • Facility will be disinfected before and after each class.