Public Meeting Protocols

The Board of Supervisors continues to act proactively and responsibly in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Public meetings with public input are a critical contingent of good governance, and part of the County’s response to the pandemic includes a method to conduct normal public business while still maintaining our responsibly to reduce risks associated with the spread of the virus. Please review the Frequently Asked Questions below.

  1. Will the County still hold public meetings?

    • Yes, but the format will be different.
  2. How do I find out what’s on the agenda for a given meeting?

    • Online: Public notices, meeting agendas and other pertinent information are posted in several areas here on our website. For example, Board of Supervisors meeting details are at (see “Agendas, Minutes, Videos and Notices” at top left). 
    • By contacting the County by phone (540.967.0401) or email (
  3. What business will be considered?

    • This process is intended to facilitate routine public business. Please note that some non-essential items may be delayed until the typical in-person meeting format can be resumed following the pandemic. See #2 above for per-meeting details.
  4. Is the public allowed in the building? 

    • Physical (in-person) access to the meeting will be limited to the first 25 members of the public who sign up in advance to attend. Those wishing to attend must call County Administration at (540) 967-3400 on Thursday or Friday, prior to a Board Meeting, during County business hours. Only one member from each household or group is preferred; in the event more than 25 people attend and in order to permit more diverse participation at the hearing, proof of identification may be requested to verify that those attending have signed up in advance. Facemasks will be required.     
  5. I DON’T need to provide public comment or input at the meeting, but I’m still interested. How do I just listen to or watch the meeting? 

    • Online: Meetings will be streamed as normal on the County’s website at .  
    • On the phone: The County has deployed a telephone option for citizens to listen to the proceeds. To join by phone simply call the number below when you are ready. Then enter the meeting ID when prompted. When connected you will only be able to hear the meeting, if you wish to provide public comment see #6 below. When connected you may hear music if the meeting has not yet begun or is in a brief recess.
      • Dial in phone number: (301)715-8592

      • Meeting ID or Password: 362 682 6628 then press the # button

  6. I DO want to provide participate in the Public Comment period or provide input on a specific Public Hearing. How do I do that?

    • In writing. The public may provide written input by email (, by mail (1 Woolfolk Avenue; Louisa, Virginia 22903), or by dropping comments in the drop box at the address above. Written comments will be read into the record during the appropriate portion of the meeting. Please note that written comments must be received by 5pm the day of the meeting. Via phone during the meeting. 
    • During the meeting via phone.  Call the County at (540) 967-0401 during business hours before the meeting, or during the meeting itself. Staff will take your name and number. At the appropriate time during the meeting, you will be called back so that you can provide your comments “live” to the Board. The County’s electronic systems will record this comment as normal. 
      • The Board will take a brief recess after Public Hearing presentations in case additional callers need to call based on information they heard during the hearing’s presentation.
  7. Is this compliant with Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)?

    • Yes. Due to the COVID-19 emergency, these processes are fully FOIA compliant.