Bridging the Gap Quarters' Auction Fundraiser

What exactly is a Quarters’ Auction? Let’s say you and a friend agree to give it a try. At the admission table you each pay $1 and get your paddle with a number on it. Say for example your paddle is number 35. As you enter the room with paddle in hand, you see tables along the walls with direct sales vendors. Their tables are decorated with all sorts of fun things available for you to browse and shop. Walking from table to table you find great items for the kitchen, home decor, food, fashion and more. You hear the announcer call for the start of the auction…it’s time to find your seats. The announcer takes the stage and welcomes everyone; explaining that the proceeds from this event all go to the Bridging the Gap Scholarship program sponsored by LCPRT which allows deserving youth to be able to participate in LCPRT programs. Then, with an entertaining waive of his arms he presents the first item for bid. He announces that the bid for the item is 75 cents. Yep, just 75 cents! And now it’s your turn to decide…do you want to play by bidding on this first item? Yes, of course you do! You toss your 75 cents into the table bucket and raise your paddle. Your number 35 is waving high for the host to see. Next you see the host draw a number from the basket. If it’s your number then you win this first item. And if you won, you just paid 75 cents for something AWESOME. If you didn’t win, that’s okay there are more chances to bid coming right up ~ and with every item you have the opportunity to bid; so you could win several times during the event!
Friday, November 22nd
6:00 p.m.
Betty Queen Center
Admission is only $1 for your paddle!
Bring a roll or two of quarters to play!

You can arrive as early as 5:00 p.m. to do some shopping! Remember, Christmas is just around the corner!