Lake Anna Business Partnership


LABP’s Mission:

The Lake Anna Business Partnership exists to promote a strong and growing business community serving the lake region, and to work with organizations throughout and beyond Virginia to increase interest in the lake as a tourism, investment and residence destination. At the same time, LABP works to preserve the beauty and safety of the Lake Anna region for current residents and future generations.


The partnership works through member volunteers, an elected board of directors and functional committees to support responsible growth around the lake through communication, government liaison, events and cooperation with other organizations supporting the lake. The LABP also sponsors a series of performance and social events providing members an opportunity to network, and to raise funds for the organizations initiatives.


The Lake Anna Business Partnership, composed of business and professional organizations and people serving the Lake Anna area, is a non-profit organization created in 2001 to promote business and responsible growth that preserves the intrinsic beauty of the Lake Anna area. Our members are involved community leaders and dedicated business professionals committed to each others’ success within a robust and responsible business community.




P.O. Box 536, Mineral, VA 23117