About Louisa County

Image credit: Louisa County Historical Society
Louisa County HIstrocial Society

Louisa County, Virginia

Established 1742

A rapid increase in population during the early 1700’s in the upper section of Hanover County led to a necessity for additional community structure and a separate government to be established in that area. As a result, a petition was presented to the House of Burgesses on December 11, 1738 asking that Hanover County be divided so that a separate county could be formed. On December 13, 1742 the division occurred and the newly created area was named Louisa County.

Transportation of people and goods to and from the area was difficult until 1840 when the Virginia Central Railroad expanded to Louisa, and citizens initially relied on their homegrown resources to survive. The new railroad offered a more efficient distribution process in addition to the development of other “villages” along the route. In the early 1900’s, Louisa saw many changes which created a better quality of life for residents, including a new courthouse, improved roads, more modern technology, electrification of remote areas, improved education and school facilities.   

Today the County continues to grow, led by a capable Board of Supervisors, bolstered by responsible development in key areas and supported by a vibrant and expanding economy.  A growing community of businesses and entrepreneurs maintains its focus on innovation and opportunity. Yet, Louisa couples an emphasis on the future with charming community and a small town feel, highlighting rural serenity and the beauty of rolling countryside, lakes, and nature.

Easy to find and hard to leave, Louisa County has flourished through transitions and changes over the past 275 years. Citizens and visitors alike are invited to learn more on our website, tour the County, patronize our businesses, and enjoy all that we have to offer.  We’re glad you’re here.