Coach Jackie's Path to the Real You

Are you ready to make some improvements to your life? Are you tired of feeling like every day is a constant struggle, that you are overwhelmed by all that must be done, or that you need more energy and way less stress in your daily existence? Why not come to these wellness workshops developed to aid you in becoming a less-stressed individual. Jackie Cote, owner of Coach Jackie’s Path to the Real You obtained her Life and Health Coach Certification through the Health Coach Institute, a program accredited by the International Coaching Federation. She is able to utilize the Habit Change Coaching Method to help create consistent behaviors that form lasting transformation in a fun and positive way without the overwhelmingness we often feel when change is happening.

May 14: Kick start your goals to move past the struggles that overwhelm! Learn how to make SMART goals without getting overwhelmed. Then cultivate the belief in yourself that you can achieve those goals while staying consistent, taking action, and setting up accountability and support to ensure inevitable success. Learn the Audit-Edit-Reset method and CELEBRATE successes ~ no matter the size!

June 11: Just breath in serenity through self-care and nourishment! Self care isn’t just getting a massage or having your nails done. Learn the top ten self care tips and ways to nourish your body through movement and putting yourself first. Remember, you must put the air mask on yourself first so that you can help others around you on the ‘plane’ of life.

July 9: Food is your best friend! Learn how to create a great relationship with yourself and food so that you can enjoy the moments with others around delicious healthy food options. Learn simple daily practices that will help you slow done and enjoy what you eat while still losing weight and belly bloat. Learn about some less-than-ten-ingredient recipes that taste great and are simple to make; healthy food is no longer a struggle!

August 13: Who wants more energy and less stress? Learn how breathing, meditation, journaling, movement, and other simple practices can help you lose weight, reduce and remove pain in the body, and increase your energy and happiness. Through woundology meditation, find out where you store your stress and pain and learn how to release it. It’s time to relax more and enjoy life!

Tuesday, May 14
Tuesday, June 11
Tuesday, July 9
Tuesday, August 13
Betty Queen Center
7-8 p.m.
5 Minimum/30 Maximum
Must Pre-Register