Fire/EMS Training Division


  • To provide comprehensive education and training for all Fire and EMS personnel. Creating a mentoring environment that promotes learning and enhances individual skills. To elevate all personnel by providing high quality training and confidence in those skills. Which will result in our department providing a high quality service to those that live, work and visit Louisa County.


  • We believe to have a successful training division it must have several key characteristics.
Inclusive- All members should feel welcomed, have buy-in such as our Fire/EMS training committee's.

Interesting- We plan to offer courses and opportunities that spark students interest.

Fun- We know the best learning environment is one which everyone is comfortable and able to enjoy themselves. (Safety should never be sacrificed for fun)

Rewarding- We know time away from family and friends is precious, so trainee's must feel like they are getting something out of the course such as certification, promotion, skills they will use on the street.

Valid- Training must be valid to promote personnel progression and target weaknesses.

Safe- Our Instructors will always look out for the students best interest, never placing them in a bad situation knowing that the best learning enviroment is a safe one.

Quality-  We want to prepare responders to be smart forward-thinkers and should come to the street with a sense of confidence that they can handle any situation thrown at them. 

Useful- we should train today to prepare for tomorrow. we learn the most when were uncomfortable. 

Training Notifications

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​*Upcoming Courses*

  • Recruit School 21-1  (June 30th-August 22nd)
  1. Hazmat Operations
  2. Firefighter II 
  3. EVOC 1, 2 3
  4. Basic Pump Operations
  5. Rural Water Supply 
  • Recruit School 21-2 (September 1st-TBD)
  1. Hybrid Firefighter I
  2. Hazardous Material Operations
  3. Hybrid Firefighter II
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- THE PUSH - Quarterly Training Schedule 2021-2022

Date:      Topic:

October 8, 9, 10 -2021-         MAYDAY/SCBA Emergencies
January 21, 22, 23 -2022-    LIVE FIRE
April 15, 16, 17 -2022-          RURAL WATER SUPPLY
July 8, 9, 10 -2022-               MCI DRILL
October 21, 22, 23 -2022-    TBD

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