Family Fridays & Saturdays

Hands-on history with learning and fun for all ages!
Experience ‘a day in the life’ activities of an 18th Century farm family as costumed interpreters engage visitors in performing daily life skills using tools and techniques of the time period. Heritage Farm is located beside the Sargeant Museum at 214 Fredericksburg Ave., Louisa, with plenty of parking in front of the Louisa Arts Center. These Family Fridays and Saturdays programs follow an open-house setting from 10 a.m. until noon and are FREE. 
Friday, October 19 & Saturday, October 20
Life on the farm in the fall meant preparing for winter. Learn about harvest feasts and chores around the homestead. Activities include participating in household chores and making a corn husk doll.

Traditions on the Frontier
Friday, November 16 & Saturday, November 17
Winter on an 18th Century farm provided time for cozy family gatherings and holiday traditions. Learn about the various cultural influences and homemade gifts. Activities will be making a homemade gift.