Serenity Farm Equine Sanctuary

They say there’s something magical that happens when a child with special needs interacts with horses. Let us schedule a visit to Serenity Farm Equine Sanctuary so that your child can experience that magic first hand. SFES, which was established in 2016, rescues horses that have injuries or medical issues and nurtures them back to good health. Many of these horses are then used as part of therapy to build a unique connection with youth. This connection can be empowering as it leads to a sense of trust and confidence in the child.  We invite you to learn more about this equine therapy and the opportunities that are available at Serenity Farm Equine Sanctuary by contacting us to schedule a visit. 
Don’t forget to visit and check them out at their Help A Horse Campaign 2018 co-sponsored by the ASPCA on Saturday, May 19th. Serenity Farms is located at 2854 Byrd Mill Road, Louisa. Check them out at