AquaFit Shallow Water Exercise

Jump in the water for a challenging water workout without having to swim laps! AquaFit will give you just that: a great workout while being easy on the joints. It’s a low impact yet high intensity workout. MargaretAnne will get you moving and grooving in the water with a variety of water exercises with interval drills and resistance training for a stepped up level of total body conditioning and improved cardiovascular performance. Water weights, noodles, gloves, and kickboards will be used to strengthen and tone your entire body. As long as you are comfortable in water up to your waist and/or chest - jump in for a motivating workout! Swimming skills are NOT required. AquaFit will motivate you to tackle the rest of your day’s projects. Join MargaretAnne for some fun in the sun and don’t forget to bring your water bottle, towel, and sunscreen. If you cannot commit to a whole session, drop-ins are welcome; only $9 for each class you attend. There will be no class on June 14th and July 4th.  
June 11-July 5
Louisa County Aquatic Facility
10:00 a.m. until 10:50 a.m.
$99 for 14 classes
10 Minimum

July 9-August 2  $116 for 16 classes
August 6-August 30  $116 for 16 classes 

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30 classes~$190 (Save $25) or 46 classes~$288 (Save $36).
This special discount cannot be applied with any other discount.