Callie Opies Orchard Restaurant

Take in the stunning detail of the architecture at Callie Opies Orchard Restaurant in Mineral, Virginia as you enjoy a beautiful rustic style building that provides an atmosphere of an eloquent farm-to-table dining experience unlike anything in the region. 

Callie Opies is a country chic restaurant serving farm fresh American recropped-COO-logo-black-Final-1gional cuisine that offers fresh and healthy options through sourcing only locally available proteins, vegetables and fruits. Here, the dining experience is about community, sharing, friendships and promoting communication. 


November 6, 2017 - Mike Kavros - Owner of Callie Opies Orchard Restaurant. 

Callie Opies Barn

What is the story behind the business' name?

"Callie Opie's Orchard. Callie Opie is a family name (one of my Aunts) named after the Greek Goddess Calliope who was the muse who presided over eloquence and epic poetry. I put the space between the 2 names as sometimes my grandmother called her Callie and sometimes just Opie!"

Why did you decide to start your business?Meat 

"We decided to start the business because as consumers we wanted more choices when it came to quality places to dine out in the Lake Anna area. And rather than complain about it and do nothing we looked at is as more of an opportunity to bring something different and unique to the area."

Why do you love doing business in Louisa County?

"The people. We have a very diverse population here, and for the most part the majority of the people we've meet and have dined with us really appreciate our efforts and what we're trying very hard to do. They have been supportive and loyal and for that we are thankful and appreciative."

Callie Opies Inside

What's the one thing your business is known for?

"From day one our plan was to provide a farm to table dining concept, using daily fresh products and ingredients sourced within the county or as nearby as possible. And we do. Virtually each meal is prepared specially for that day. That's one differentiator. Secondly, we have a beautiful rustic style building that provides an eloquent dining experience. The architecture is something you don't see everyday and people are amazed at the detail of the post and beams. Another differentiator is our ability to offer a dining experience and host catered events either inside or outside. We continue to invest for the community as we're expanding our outdoor offerings such as an extended patio with fire pits and a large pavilion area."

Callie Opies Ribbon Cutting

Biggest "win" in your business' history?

"We've been open less than 3 months so not a lot of history yet but we have been able to secure several "contracts" already for specially catered events (large group dinners, company holiday parties and a couple weddings) so that is testimony that we're doing the right thing and treating our customers right. When our guests tell us 'Thank you for what you've done and we'll be back,' that means everything to us and our business."

Tell us a fun and interesting tidbit about your business.

"As a start up, the last two years we've been in the blood, sweat and tears phase so hopefully the fun is yet to come and around the corner!"