Advanced Pickleball Clinics

Want more pickleball instruction than we’ve been able to offer you in the past? We now have instructor Megan Washburn, owner of The Dink Doctor, to lead these advanced clinics that are sure to improve your game! With focus on mastering various spins in service returns, coming to the net, and dinks, you will see your game get better and better. Certified as an instructor by the International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association (IPTPA), Megan has competed and modeled in several large tournaments along the eastern seaboard at the 4.5/5.0 level. All equipment needed for participation in these clinics will be provided.
Sunday, September 2nd
Sunday, October 7th
Sunday, November 4th
Sunday, December 2nd

Betty Queen Center
2:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m.
$10/each clinic