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Tonya Hovey
Louisa County Sheriff's Office

Chris Lee
Deputy Director

Communications Division

The Communications Division of the Louisa County Sheriff's Office provides the vital link between citizens and visitors who are in need of assistance and the Responders.

The Louisa County Emergency Communications Center is comprised of eleven full-time and five part-time Communications Officers that work twelve-hour shifts in rotations. Our Communications Officers are responsible for answering emergency and service related calls for a population of over 35,000 citizens that inhabit 524 square miles. In addition, the Center provides dispatching and support services to approximately 18 various departments and agencies, which includes the Sheriff's Office, Louisa Town Police Department, 7 Fire Departments, 6 EMS agencies, Animal Control and a number of other public safety and public service agencies and departments.

Mission Statement

It is a priority of the Louisa County Emergency Communications Center to protect the life and property of the citizens, visitors and Responders of Louisa County and to provide all patrons within Louisa County access to a dependable and rapid emergency communications system when called upon for service.

Important Facts

  1. When should I dial 911? You should dial 911 for any police, fire, or medical emergency where there is or could be an immediate threat to life or property.

  2. What do I need to do to be of assistance to the 911 Dispatcher? Have the address or location of the incident ready. Remain as calm as possible, listen to the questions and answer them to the best of your ability while speaking calm and clearly. Listen to and follow all instructions given by the 911 dispatcher.

  3. Why do Dispatchers ask so many questions? The Louisa Emergency Communications Center employees are trained to ask various questions that will ensure the appropriate level of care or response is sent to you as quick as possible. These questions will help determine the exact nature of the call, the severity of the call and any threats that could affect Responder safety. Certain questions must also be asked to provide emergency medical instructions until the responding units can arrive. The caller needs to be patient, answer all questions, and understand that the questions are being asked to help them.

  4. What number, other than 911, should I use to contact the Louisa Emergency Communications Center?

    You should always dial 911 if you have an emergency!

      If you do not have an emergency dial:

    • 540-967-1234 for local Louisa residents
    • 804-556-3713 for Gum Spring residents
    • 434-589-3007 for Zion Crossroads residents
    • 804-648-4115 for Richmond residents.

  5. I'm deaf - how can I communicate with the Louisa Emergency Communications Center? The Louisa County Emergency Communications Center is equipped with two TDD (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf) interfaces, as well as one back-up manual machine. All Dispatchers are trained in the use of the TDD.

  6. Where is the Louisa Emergency Communications Center located? The Louisa Emergency Communications Center is located in the County Office Building which is located in the Town of Louisa off of Woolfolk Avenue.

  7. How many calls does Louisa Emergency Communications Center handle in a year? The Louisa County Emergency Communications Center handles over 130,000 phone calls per year. Of that total, approximately 16,000 are 911 calls for emergency assistance with approximately 11,000 of them coming from cell phone callers. Currently, the Louisa County Emergency Communications Center uses its three dispatch consoles and two call taking consoles to input and process approximately 37,000 public safety calls per year in our Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system.

  8. I have a cell phone with no service. Will my phone still dial 911 if I need assistance? Yes! 911 phone calls are free and you can still dial 911 from your cell phone or home phone even if you do not have service. With this in mind, please do not give a charged cell phone to a small child to play with. The Louisa Emergency Communications Center receives hundreds of calls a year from small children who are playing on 911-only cell phones. These calls tie up emergency lines and resources and could prevent an actual emergency from being received. Please help us eliminate these calls by keeping these phones out of the reach of small children!

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