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Henry B. Wash, Treasurer

Louisa County Treasurer's Office
1 Woolfolk Avenue
P. O. Box 523
Louisa, VA 23093

Phone (540) 967-3435
Fax (540) 967-0601
Office Hours: Monday - Friday
8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Call the County Switchboard from:

The localized WATTS lines we had in the Charlottesville,
Gordonsville, Palmyra, Goochland and Richmond areas
were phased out during the summer of 2009


Both Real Estate and Personal Property taxes may now be reviewed online. You may also pay for these taxes using a credit card and our secure site online. Payment plans may be set up with the Treasurer.
           Click here to visit our online tax website.


The Louisa County Treasurer is one of five Constitutional officers elected by county citizens. The Treasurer is responsible for receiving and accounting for all County monies, as well as the distribution of funds for all of Louisa County's financial obligations. Everyone who deals with the Treasurer's office has a right to a warm and friendly atmosphere with employees ready to assist the needs of customers in a professional and courteous manner. All citizens also have the right to speak with the Treasurer in person when the need arises.

Phone - 540-967-3435 Fax - 540-967-0601
Henry Wash - 540-967-4595
Email HWash@louisa.org

Deputy Treasurer
Miriam Lloyd
Email MLloyd@louisa.org

Deputy Treasurer
Kecia Warren
Email KWarren@louisa.org
Deputy Treasurer/Accountant
Mary Grubbs
Email MGrubbs@louisa.org

Deputy Treasurer
Teresa Nottingham
Email TNottingham@louisa.org

Deputy Treasurer
Stacey Noel
Email SNoel@louisa.org


Date Description Information
January 31st Bowlers Mill Lake fishing license Treasurer
May 1st File 1st Quarter Virginia Estimated Tax Treasurer
June 15th File 2nd Quarter Virginia Estimated Tax Treasurer
September 15th File 3rd Quarter Virginia Estimated Tax Treasurer
December 5th Pay Personal Property and Real Estate taxes Treasurer
December 31st Dog tags due (No later than January 31st) Treasurer
January 15th File 4th Quarter Virginia Estimated Tax Treasurer


MAKE A PAYMENT ONLINE You may pay your taxes online with a credit card (Mastercard or Visa) by using the Internet if you wish. There is a nominal fee charged by the county to cover the cost of providing this service. Click here to view and/or pay your Real Estate or Personal Property taxes online. Follow the prompts. Be sure to have your credit card and bill ready. Identifiers on your bill are your Ticket Number and Property I.D. Number. This is a secure website. After payment has been accepted, please print a copy of the receipt for your records. Also, there is a final confirmation on our website to reflect the successful payment
MAKE A PAYMENT IN PERSON Our office accepts payments in person in the form of cash, check, money order, MasterCard or Visa credit card. Payment plans may be set up with the Treasurer.
MAKE A PAYMENT BY MAIL Send billing information, check or money order, and a self-addressed stamped envelope to: P.O. Box 523 Louisa, VA 23093

*All tax rates are subject to change annually


We are committed to the delivery of the best possible service through technology and continuing education and by promoting competency and professionalism through our offices.

We will be creative and maintain an environment which encourages and regards innovation and makes the best use of our talents and abilities.

We will deliver service to our citizens in a timely and appropriate manner through open lines of communication, dignity, honesty, and accountability.

We are committed to maintaining, at all times, the public trust placed in us as elected public officials.


Louisa County bills real estate taxes annually, the due date for payment is DECEMBER 5th of each year. Payments received after DECEMBER 5th are subject to a 10% penalty on DECEMBER 6th and 10% interest starting JANUARY 1st. All real estate is subject to taxation unless specifically exempted by Virginia State Code.

If taxes are paid by your mortgage company, the mortgage company usually contacts the Treasurer's office and requests the tax bill to be mailed directly to them. A copy of each bill is sent to the homeowner for reference.

After current taxes are paid, you may make monthly pre-payments on real estate taxes starting January 1st with the minimum payment amount being $25. Please contact the Treasurer's office to obtain a tax ID number before remitting payments.

If you are a new property owner and you have not received a tax bill by November 1st, please contact the Treasurer's office.


Louisa County taxes all personal property annually. The due date for payment of taxes is DECEMBER 5th of each year. Payments received after DECEMBER 5th are subject to a 10% penalty on DECEMBER 6th and 10% interest starting JANUARY 1st. Louisa County does not prorate taxes. All personal property owned on JANUARY 1st will be taxed for the entire year regardless of any transfer in ownership.


Vehicle License Fee structure for licensed vehicles garaged in Louisa County as of January 1st are billed annually and due December 5th of each year.
     Trailers with gross weight over 10,000 lbs$38.75
     Trailers less than 10,000 lbsNo Fee
     Antique vehicles (antique plates)one time fee of $10.00


Bowler's Mill permits may be purchased at
   - Louisa County Treasurer's office
   - Maddox Feed Store
Fees are as follows:
Resident of Louisa County - $2.50
Out of County Resident - $5.50
Town of Gordonsville - $4.00
    *Fees are subject to change annually


All citizens owning or kenneling dogs are required by Louisa County to license each animal with the Treasurer's office every year. Owners of unlicensed canines will be fined by the Louisa County Animal Warden.

Dog licenses on sale JANUARY 1st of each year. Licenses are required by JANUARY 31st of each year. Licenses may be purchased throughout the year for newly acquired animals.

Citizens must produce a current rabies certificate in the ORIGINAL form. Rabies Certificate MUST state whether the dog has been spayed or neutered.  *Fees are subject to change annually

  • Male / Female $ 10.00
  • Spayed / Neutered $4.00
  • Up to 20 dog kennel $45.00
  • Up to 50 dog kennel $50.00
  • Duplicate License $1.00

The County of Louisa sponsors a Rabies Vaccination Clinic twice a year. One is held during the spring and the other in the fall. Citizens are required to obtain vaccination and licenses for their animals, and enforcement of County ordinances pertaining to such will be exercised.

As a convenience to citizens, the Treasurer's office is there giving you the option of purchasing your dog tags at the time of vaccination.

Why should you get your dog licensed, and be sure they wear the tag?

  • Protect your dog, yourself, and your family from rabies.
  • Help your dog get home if lost.
  • Help protect your community from strays that may bite or destroy property.