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Mon to Fri 8:30 to 5
Phone: 540-967-3430
Fax: 540-967-3486

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As mandated by state law, the Planning Commission is an advisory body to the Board of Supervisors who creates and recommends a comprehensive plan for physical development of the jurisdiction, develops and recommends a zoning code in accordance with the comprehensive plan, develops and certifies regulations governing the division of land, reviews conditonal-use permits and maintains an official zoning map for the jurisdiction. The Commission consists of seven members, one Board representative and one Town of Louisa representative.
MEETS 2ND THURSDAY OF MONTH - 7:00 P.M.                        
(Standing Work Session at 5:00 P.M. )                        
Gordon A. Brooks
3016 Owens Creek Rd
Mineral, VA 23117
Mountain Road District
804-347-6673 (C)
804-320-2667 x-5713 (W)
GBrooks @ louisa.org
GABrooks51 @ yahoo.com

Jack Matthews
185 Matthews Terrace
Mineral, VA 23117
Mineral District
301-461-0667 (C)
540-894-5883 (H)
JMatthews @ louisa.org
JackMatthews57 @ gmail.com

Holly Reynolds
2176 E Green Springs Rd
Louisa, VA 23093
Green Springs District
540-449-1431 (C)
540-967-1528 (H)
HReynolds @ louisa.org HReynolds1 @ gmail.com

C. Ellis Quarles
21 Patrick Henry Pl
Louisa, VA 23093
Patrick Henry District
EQuarles @ louisa.org
Jack A. Speer
6196 Jefferson Hwy
Mineral, VA 23117
Cuckoo District
SpeerJ @ buck.com

Eric Purcell
PO Box 1816
Louisa, VA 23093
Louisa District
540-967-3200 (W)
PurcellPractice @ aol.com

Bill Martin
26 Lakewood Landing Dr
Bumpass, VA 23024
Jackson District
540-872-3345 (H)
540-894-1483 (C)
540-872-3345 (F)
BMartin @ louisa.org lakeanna @ narferx.org

Tommy Barlow
Board of Supervisors Liaison
804-556-4666 (W)
804-556-4656 (H)
LCBS_MRD @ louisa.org

Garland Nuckols
Town of Louisa Representative
540-967-7116 Cell
P.O. Box 726
Louisa, VA 23093
gnuckols @ louisa.org
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