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Building Dept Inspections

Louisa County GIS

....Instructions for using GIS

The County of Louisa has purchased a new GIS system. Yes, the site is different and may take some time getting used to. This system can be used to search for parcels by Owner's name, Map Parcel Number or Address. You can reach this system at: http://louisagis.timmons.com.

You can also use our searchable data-only method of finding assessment information.

Alternatively, the map below has individual links to each map grid in the County. You can click on any area of the map to display a tax map for that individual grid in Adobe PDF format. These maps can be thought of as a zoomable picture of the GIS information, the same as our Tax Map Books available for purchase. There are no search capabilities nor parcel information available with these PDF maps, both of which ARE available in the online GIS.

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