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FEBRUARY 20, 2007
5:00 P.M.

Board Present: Fitzgerald A. Barnes, Willie L. Gentry, Jr., Willie L. Harper, Allen B. Jennings, Eric F. Purcell and Jack T. Wright
Absent: Richard A. Havasy
Others Present: C. Lee Lintecum, County Administrator; Ernie McLeod, Deputy County Administrator; Patrick Morgan, County Attorney; Darren Coffey, Director of Community Development; Kevin Linhares, Director of Facilities Management; Bob Hardy, Director of Information Technology; Amanda Lloyd, Office Manager and April Jacobs, Deputy Clerk


Chairman Wright called the February 20, 2007 regular meeting of the Louisa County Board of Supervisors to order at 5:00 p.m.  Mr. Wright led the invocation, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.


Bill Martin, Jackson District, commented on the Louisa County website.  Mr. Martin stated the Commissioner of Revenues program is outstanding and said it allows people to review all assessments and property listings of the County.  Mr. Martin said he is appreciative of that program.


On motion of Mr. Barnes, seconded by Mr. Gentry, which carried by a vote of 6-0, the February 20, 2007 agenda was adopted.


Update Rappahannock Juvenile Detention Center Commission Stuart Cooke, referenced a handout of the finalized financial audit report of the Rappahannock Juvenile Detention Center completed by the Miller Foley Group.  Mr. Cooke explained the schedules of the operations, debt service and child care days for the year ending on June 30, 2006.  Mr. Cooke stated this report compares Louisa County to the surrounding counties.

Mr. Wright said he appreciates what Mr. Cooke does and questioned if there is a trend for growth of the center.  Mr. Cooke stated he would compare the center to the stock market, where the numbers always go up and down and said there isnt necessarily a trend.


Update CSA (Comprehensive
Services Act for At Risk Youth) Paul Oswell

Paul Oswell, Director of Social Services, stated CSA is a 1993 Virginia Law that provided for the pooling of eight specific funding streams, which purchased services for high risk youth.  Mr. Oswell added these funds are returned to the localities with a required state and local match and are managed by local interagency teams.  Mr. Oswell added Louisas match is forty-four percent and this County has the fifteenth highest match rate in the state.  Mr. Oswell said the purpose of the act is to provide high quality, child centered, family focused, cost-effective services to high risk youth and their families

Mr. Oswell said there are two types of children that come into the program, mandated and non mandated.  Mr. Oswell stated the mandated and non-mandated designations relate to the laws, which are attached to the funding streams in the CSA funds pool.  Mr. Oswell noted the education and foster care funding streams placed in the pool have sum sufficient language attached to them in Federal Law and Policy and/or the Code of Virginia.  Mr. Oswell further noted this means that law requires state and local government to appropriate sufficient funds to serve these populations.  Mr. Oswell said in order for a child to be mandated to receive CSA funded services, at least two requirements must be met:

1. Before CSA, they would have been served by one of the funding streams placed in the pool.
2. The child is in one of the categories which have "sum sufficient" language attached to them.

Mr. Oswell stated there are children who are also considered non mandated which means before CSA, these are children would have been served by the juvenile justice or mental health funds placed in the pool.  Mr. Oswell stated if all funds for the year were encumbered, the child would be placed on a waiting list until additional funding became available because state and local governments are not required to provide additional funding for these children.

Mr. Oswell stated that kids come into care through Child Protective Services (CPS), for reasons such as, victims of abuse or neglect, relief of custody, or parents wishing to be relieved of custody, which must be granted by JDR Judges.  Mr. Oswell said kids also come into care through the Department of Juvenile Justice.

Mr. Oswell stated 144 Child Protective Services (CPS) complaints were made to Louisa Department of Social Services (LDSS) from June 1, 2006 January 31, 2007.  Mr. Oswell added of those, 109 complaints were accepted and 35 complaints were screen out.  

Mr. Oswell noted there are currently thirty-four current foster care prevention cases and eight additional cases that are at high risk of being placed in foster care.  Mr. Oswell said referrals to foster care prevention are ordered by the courts, FAPT (Family Assessment and Planning Team), and other agencies, such as, Child Protective Services (CPS).

Mr. Oswell stated for the current foster care case load, there are fifty-two children that are in the custody of Louisa Department of Social Services.  Mr. Oswell referenced a chart for the current case load standards per Social Worker.  Mr. Oswell stated Social Services has too many cases for the amount of workers the Department has.

Mr. Oswell stated the Department of Social Services fiscal issues are that the local Departments funding for Services Administration will be twenty percent from the County and the other eighty percent from federal and state sources. Mr. Oswell added the budget is $376,852 and the balance is $374,431 through January 31, 2007. Mr. Oswell stated $160,000 was budgeted for the Department and it is due to pass thru sometime in February. Mr. Oswell stated that pass thru means the Department will not use general state fund dollars; they only use federal and local money. Mr. Oswell added the problem with services pass thru is that twenty-four percent is federal money and seventy-six percent is local money.

Mr. Oswell said the Social Services Department proposed the need of an additional Foster Care worker for the FY08 budget, but the Department has realized they are in need of an additional worker sooner.  Mr. Oswell stated he is requesting approval to begin recruitment and hire a new worker.  Mr. Oswell added the Department may or may not need more local funding for this fiscal year.  

Mr. Gentry stated last month funds from the Department was $100,000 and questioned how much the County paid.  Mr. Oswell stated the County paid forty-four percent.  Mr. Gentry questioned if the at risk bill also included the foster care.  Mr. Oswell stated with the exception of title IV-E of the Social Security Act, which involves federal financial participation in state and local child welfare activities, where if a child comes into foster care and the Department is able to determine that the child is IV-E, then the pool funds arent impacted.  Mr. Oswell added the Department has about $400,000 in state and federal money that covers the cost.  Mr. Oswell stated the pool money of $1 million doesnt include the IV-E money that is included in the budget.  

Mr. Gentry questioned how much money the County is spending for the non mandated program.  Mr. Oswell stated very little of the Countys money is being put towards non-mandated children.  

Mr. Gentry questioned who determines the children are going to the best facility for the dollar.  Mr. Oswell stated the facility has to be on a service fee directory, which is a statewide directory of provider services, and residential services would have to be licensed to provide certain types of services.  Mr. Gentry questioned who chooses where the kids are sent.  Mr. Oswell stated, sadly, the children are sent wherever a bed is available.  Mr. Oswell said the Department doesnt have the alternatives that were available several years ago, such as public funded adolescent units and state hospitals.  Mr. Oswell stated the Department wants to find the cheapest place for the child to go, but they also want to make sure the facility will meet the childrens needs, however, public alternatives arent available.

Mr. Gentry stated there are fifty-two children in foster care and questioned what the County was doing wrong.  Mr. Oswell stated there is a lot of abuse and neglect, bad parenting and lack of parenting skills.  Mr. Gentry thanked Mr. Oswell for all he does.

Mr. Purcell questioned if there was anything preventable from an educational standpoint that could be done to try and stop this at the source. Mr. Oswell answered yes, but he isnt sure what can be done. Mr. Oswell said the Foster Care Prevention Program has just began and hopefully that program will help. Mr. Oswell added the County could offer more parenting classes, but unless the court orders the parents to go, most parents think they do a good job and wont attend. Mr. Purcell stated he is curious as to why the County has a higher number of children in foster care than other surrounding counties. Mr. Purcell added he thinks it would be more cost effective and better for the child if something preventive was done before the child comes into foster care.  

Mr. Harper questioned if foster parents get more money for taking in the less well-behaved kids.  Mr. Oswell said no, the amount of money the parent receives is based on the age of the child, the older the child, the more money the parent receives.  Mr. Harper asked if there is a limit the County can be reimbursed for these programs.  Mr. Oswell stated the County only gets a fifty-six percent reimbursement from the CSA pool.  Mr. Harper questioned if there was a program in the works that only pays for what Medicare and Medicaid approves for certain medical treatments.  Mr. Oswell stated Medicaid pays a set amount for some treatment facilities.  Mr. Harper stated there are a larger number of children currently in foster care and commented that it wouldnt hurt to spend time and money to solve this problem.

Mr. Wright said people have become much more proficient in recognizing a potential problem within the children at an earlier age.  Mr. Wright stated one of the reasons the number of children in foster care has increased is because of the ability to recognize and evaluate these problems and bring the children into a program earlier to prevent them from becoming a social liability in the future.  Mr. Oswell stated sometimes the Department has more kids because the right thing is being done rather than the wrong.

Mr. Oswell stated he would like permission to hire a new worker.  Mr. Wright questioned if more money would be requested.  Mr. Oswell stated he wasnt sure at this time if the Department would need additional funding, if so, he would ask the Board at another time.  Mr. Harper stated he would not approve this for the budget, but he understands the Departments predicament.

On motion of Mr. Gentry, seconded by Mr. Jennings, which carried a vote of 5-1, with Mr. Harper voting against, the Board agreed for the Louisa Department of Social Services to begin recruitment and hire a new worker.

Discussion Patrick Henry II Voting Precinct

Mr. Barnes stated he would like a plaque of recognition for Mr. Carl Perkins and his wife.  Mr. Barnes said the Patrick Henry District is growing and there are currently over 2,000 voters.  Mr. Barnes said the current location, Carl Perkins, has been outgrown and has no restrooms, kitchen facilities or phone.  Mr. Barnes added the workers are not supposed to leave the facility at all during the day.  Mr. Barnes stated his main concern is to make sure the people have access to vote.  Mr. Barnes stated he would like to have the voting precinct be at the new elementary school, if and when it is built, because this would be a central location for the Patrick Henry District.  Mr. Barnes added Rt. 208 is the best corridor for the location.  Mr. Barnes said for now, he would like the voting precinct to be at Galilee Baptist Church.  Mr. Barnes added a lot of companies have vanpools that leave from the Church in the mornings and people could vote since they leave from there.  Mr. Gentry questioned if the Electoral Board concurs with this location, since the letter the Board received was for the voting precinct to be relocated at another church.  Mr. Martin stated the Electoral Board concurs with this location.  Mr. Wright stated he was concerned about how far people will have to travel to vote and stated the precinct has to be moved, and said the question was where to move.  Mr. Jennings questioned if this would be one precinct.  Mr. Barnes stated the precinct would be one location with split polls.

On motion of Mr. Barnes, seconded by Mr. Purcell, which carried a vote of 6-0, the Board voted to have a public hearing for the consolidation of the Patrick Henry voting precinct.  

Resolution A joint resolution providing for the implementation of the Comprehensive Community Corrections Act for local responsible offenders, the Pretrial Services Act and the establishment of the Thomas Jefferson Area Community Criminal Justice Board [TJACCJB]

Patrick Morgan, County Attorney, stated the Board and the County has participated in the Community Criminal Justice Board for a number of years.  Mr. Morgan said participation is mandatory and the Code of Virginia requires that each county and city establishing and operating community-based probation and pretrial services establish a Community Criminal Justice Board.  Mr. Morgan stated OAR comes to the County to bring about those programs.  

Mr. Morgan stated that the resolution updates the list of people that would be on the Community Criminal Justice Board.  Mr. Morgan stated people from regional jails and an adult education representative have been added to the Board and they are looking at the problems from an all-inclusive viewpoint and hopefully they are able to cut down on rising crimes and the number of offenders.  Mr. Morgan stated he would like the Board to pass a resolution to update the participants of the Community Criminal Justice Board.

Mr. Gentry questioned how often the Community Criminal Justice Board meets and what exactly they do.  Mr. Morgan stated the Board meets once a quarter and the purpose is to find new and effective ways of dealing with criminals and preventing them from getting into the court system.  Mr. Morgan stated the Board comes up with programs that would rehabilitate and hopefully give necessary training. Mr. Gentry questioned who would oversee the progress of these programs.  Mr. Morgan said it is a decision made by the Criminal Justice Board.  Mr. Wright asked Mr. Morgan if he sees this as a positive move.  Mr. Morgan said absolutely.

On motion of Mr. Barnes, seconded by Mr. Jennings, which carried by a vote of 6-0, the Board adopted a joint resolution providing for the implementation of the Comprehensive Community Corrections Act for local responsible offenders, the Pretrial Services Act and the establishment of the Thomas Jefferson Area Community Criminal Justice Board [TJACCJB].

Discussion Financial reporting from fire and rescue volunteer agencies

Mr. McLeod stated during the FY 07 budget discussions, the Board discussed volunteer agencies completing financial audits for the operating and capital funds appropriated to them yearly.  Mr. McLeod said he has talked to two local auditors, the Fire Association and EMSAL asking for their thoughts on how to accomplish this audit.  

Mr. McLeod said one auditor suggest the volunteer agencies move towards a financial report by hiring a CPA/Auditor of their choice to complete a “review report” for FY 07.  Mr. McLeod said the review report will make sure all the agencies can produce auditable information and mentioned some agencies are currently creating this report, but he doesnt know the level of information from all of the agencies.

Mr. McLeod stated if the Board wants a higher level of a financial report, then the idea would be to move towards it over a two-year period, which will allow the agencies time to get used to what is required.  Mr. McLeod said this would be a report of the local money that is given by the County to the agencies and how they budget the money and then to make sure the budget guidelines are being followed.  Mr. McLeod questioned which method or direction the Board would like the Volunteer agencies to take.

Mr. Gentry stated the Board wanted audits of all organizations that received public monies.  Mr. Gentry said he doesnt know what type of audits, but a form that can be approved by the Financial Department to show justification of the money.  Mr. McLeod stated during the budget process last year the Board questioned if the volunteer agencies should continue with the current process or if they should submit a financial audit.  Mr. McLeod added the Board voted for the agencies to continue with what they were doing, which was simply getting an agency to sign off saying this is how the money was spent.  

Mr. Gentry questioned if that was considered an audit.  Mr. McLeod stated no, but that it what the Board voted on last year.  Mr. Gentry stated when the Board was talking about audits; they should have been talking about financial reports as well.  Mr. McLeod stated all other agencies have submitted a financial report, there are only two organizations, the Fire Association and EMSAL, that havent.  

Mr. Harper questioned the difference of a financial statement and an audit.  Mr. McLeod said a financial statement explains how the money was spent but an audit or a review actually shows how the money is setup to be spent to the different budgets, how the money was spent, and if the money was spent the way it was setup to be.  Mr. Harper said he doesnt think a financial statement is worth much and stated an audit is what the agencies need to submit because a financial statement is not enough.  Mr. Harper stated when the Board authorizes a bill; they assume the audit for the bill has been completed.

Mr. McLeod stated these are two methods by two different auditors on ways an audit can be done.  Mr. Harper questioned what the two methods were.  Mr. McLeod stated the first method is to do a review report to tract the money and make sure it is done, and the second method, by another accountant, is to detail how it is done.  Mr. Harper said he thinks the second method is the only option.  Mr. Harper added he doesnt want a report that is filled with qualifying statements.  Mr. Harper said he thinks an audit procedure should be completed for all agencies, with no exceptions.  Mr. McLeod said the agencies want to know what the Board needs because a lot of the organizations need to hire auditors.  

Mr. Harper referenced a spreadsheet handout and questioned if EMSAL was included in the Louisa County Volunteer Fire Association. Mr. McLeod stated an auditor that currently completes Louisas review and they are currently working toward a financial report.  Mr. Harper stated he doesnt care who does the reports, as long as the criteria is followed.  Mr. Harper referenced a spreadsheet and stated that was a start for a financial report that the Board is looking for.  

Mr. Wright said anything could be put in a financial statement; it is not part of an audit until the information is verified.  Mr. Wright added a financial statement doesnt mean a lot.  Mr. Barnes stated the Board has talked about this before and Mr. McLeod needs clear direction because the Supervisors want an audit.  Mr. Barnes added an audit needs to be submitted for any non-profit organization.  Mr. Wright stated the Board should come back with one acceptable program on what is needed.  Mr. Wright added the Board needs a recommendation from the financial department.

On motion of Mr. Harper, seconded by Mr. Barnes, which carried by a vote of 6-0, the Board agreed that all volunteer fire and rescue agencies, along with EMSAL and the Louisa County Fire Association, be instructed to conduct an agreed upon audit procedure of their financial records, to include details on how the Countys funds are being spent.  

Mr. Wright stated he would like Mr. McLeod to have a layout of exactly what the agencies need and present it to the Board at the March 5, 2007 meeting.


Mr. Harper stated he attended the Firefighter Association special meeting and all companies were present except Company 5.  Mr. Harper stated the companies agreed to move forward with a study to look at what the current services are and make recommendations for future services.  Mr. Harper said a meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 22, to discuss this further.

Mr. Barnes stated in the Community Development summary, the building permits issued for January 2007 were down eighteen percent from January 2006 and the single family residential permits were down forty-eight percent from January 2006, but the commercial permits were up eighteen hundred percent and they have been going up for the last two or three years.  Mr. Barnes added business in the County is rising and that is something that needs to be noted.  Mr. Wright stated nothing can be seen by summaries for one month and trends need to be looked at for several months.  

Mr. Wright stated he attended the football banquet at the Mineral Fire Station, along with other members of the Board.  Mr. Wright said that was an outstanding program because it focused on kids that played football and their families as well.  Mr. Wright stated every football player and manager was recognized and he is proud of what the football team has accomplished on and off of the field.  Mr. Gentry commented that it was an outstanding celebration.  Mr. Harper stated another important recognition that was given at the beginning of the banquet was to Jason Candeto for being recommended to the Naval Academy.  Mr. Wright added some players have also received scholarships to universities.


Mr. Purcell stated he would like to nominate Daryl Slover to the Commission on Aging.  Mr. Wright stated he would like to nominate Mark D. Monson to the Industrial Development Authority in place of Mr. Hubert Ellis.  Mr. Wright stated he would like a resolution for Mr. Ellis for his dedication to the Industrial Development Authority.  

On motion of Mr. Jennings, seconded by Mr. Barnes, which carried by a vote of 6-0, the Board agreed for a resolution for Mr. Ellis for his dedication to the Industrial Development Authority.

On motion of Mr. Barnes, seconded by Mr. Gentry, which carried by a vote of 6-0, the Board appointed Mr. Slover to the Commission on Aging and Mr. Monson to the Industrial Development Authority.


Mr. Lintecum stated included in the Board packet, the Central Virginia Regional Jail Sewer Line Easement submitted a letter from Gardner, Maupin, Sutton & Haney, P.C. explaining the issues with the sewer line easement.

On motion of Mr. Barnes, seconded by Mr. Gentry, which carried a vote of 6-0, the Board voted to approve a resolution for the proposed Deed of Easement, of the proposed sewer line, to the Town of Orange.

Mr. Lintecum stated the Sheriffs Department needs to have a meeting with the Board On March 19, 2007 at 4:00 p.m. for the Accreditation Program.  Mr. Wright said if the program benefits the Sheriffs Department, it usually benefits the County as well.  

On motion of Mr. Barnes, seconded by Mr. Purcell, which carried a vote of 6-0, the Board agreed to schedule a meeting for the Sheriffs Department on March 19, 2007 at 4:00 p.m.

Mr. Wright stated the Board needs to make a decision on the new school.  Mr. Wright said he is requesting a workshop for Board members to share concerns and potential solutions on getting a new elementary school built.  Mr. Wright questioned if the workshop could be held on March 5, 2007 at 3:00 p.m. prior to the regular meeting at 5:00 p.m.  

On motion of Mr. Purcell, seconded by Mr. Gentry, which carried by a vote of 6-0, the Board agreed to schedule a workshop on March 5, 2007 at 3:00 p.m.


Resolution Appropriation of donated funds to repair the Louisa County Courthouse fence

On motion of Mr. Purcell, seconded by Mr. Barnes, which carried by a vote of 6-0, the Board adopted a resolution for appropriation of donated funds to repair the Louisa County Courthouse fence.

Resolution - Supplemental appropriation and disbursement of Four for Life monies

On motion of Mr. Purcell, seconded by Mr. Barnes, which carried by a vote of 6-0, the Board adopted a resolution for supplemental appropriation and disbursement of Four for Life monies.

Resolution- Supplemental appropriation for a grant for an ambulance under the Office of Emergency Medical Services consolidated grant program

On motion of Mr. Purcell, seconded by Mr. Barnes, which carried by a vote of 6-0, the Board adopted a resolution for supplemental appropriation for a grant for an ambulance under the Office of Emergency Medical Services consolidated grant program.

Resolution Appropriation for funds donated for the creation of the Piedmont Crossroads Visitors Center

On motion of Mr. Purcell, seconded by Mr. Barnes, which carried by a vote of 6-0, the Board adopted a resolution for appropriation for funds donated for the creation of the Piedmont Crossroads Visitors Center.


On motion of Mr. Harper, seconded by Mr. Barnes, with Mr. Gentry abstaining on bills pertaining to him, which carried by a vote of 6-0, a resolution was adopted approving the bills for the first half of February 2007 for the County of Louisa in the amount of $203,673.96.


On motion of Mr. Barnes, seconded by Mr. Jennings, which carried by a vote of 5-0-1, with Mr. Purcell abstaining due to his absence, the Board adopted the minutes of the February 5, 2007 meeting.


Annual Report Dominion Virginia Power North Anna State of the Station.

Dan Stoddard, Dominion Power Site Vice-President, gave an overview of the report given to the Board members prior to the meeting on the 2006 State of the Station update. The topics included:

Mr. Stoddard stated safety is the highest priority at North Anna.  Mr. Stoddard explained the North Anna goal for 2006 was 0.14 and the actual accomplishment was 0.11 and the 2007 goal is 0.12.  Mr. Stoddard added North Anna continues to promote an effective Virginia Voluntary Protection Program Star Worksite status and submitted its annual self-evaluation to OSHA in 2006.  Mr. Stoddard stated North Anna continues to be among the top rated plants by the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations.  Mr. Stoddard said during 2006, North Anna Units 1 and 2 maintained the NRC Performance Indicators within the Green performance band, which means cornerstone objectives were fully met.  Mr. Stoddard added North Anna continues to be among the top rated plants in the lowest radiation exposure to employees.

Mr. Stoddard said Dominion is working with the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) in a voluntary industry-wide program to self-assess and enhance groundwater monitoring programs for tritium at nuclear generating stations.  Mr. Stoddard added tritium is a naturally occurring isotope of hydrogen that is commonly found in water and is also a byproduct of nuclear reactor operations.

Mr. Stoddard stated in both areas, emergency preparedness and security, North Annas performance stays strong.  Mr. Stoddard explained in June 2006, North Anna successfully completed a comprehensive review by the Department of Homeland Security.  Mr. Stoddard further explained in December 2006, North Anna conducted a fully integrated exercise that was evaluated by Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the NRC and was considered successful by both evaluators.  Mr. Stoddard added during 2006, North Anna completed the siren change out project and the new sirens have battery power backup, which will insure their operability during times of power outage.

Stoddard stated North Anna continues to upgrade the facilities, training, and protective strategies.  Mr. Stoddard said the station security staff effectively demonstrated the ability to defend against malevolent attacks during November 2006 comprehensive Force-on-Force NRC Graded Exercises.  Mr. Stoddard added the NRC team left North Anna with no findings and high praise for the security force.

Mr. Stoddard stated the operating performance for North Anna in 2006 resulted in a combined capacity factor of 93.95%.  Mr. Stoddard added this included a 29-day refueling outage and a five-day maintenance outage for Unit 1.  Mr. Stoddard said North Anna remains an industry leader in the generation of safe, low cost electrical power and continues to be a strong contributor to the local economy, being the largest employer and the largest taxpayer in Louisa County, having paid over $220 million in property taxes through 2006.  

Mr. Stoddard stated the Company wants to keep the nuclear option available for the benefit of future customers, but has not yet committed to build a new nuclear unit at North Anna.  Mr. Stoddard added demonstrating the new reactor licensing processes does not require a commitment to build, but is important to maintain nuclear energy as a viable option for future customer needs.

Mr. Stoddard said Dominion filed its early site permit application with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in 2003 for potential Units 3 and 4.  Mr. Stoddard added Dominion expects to be ready to submit the application for Unit 3 to the NRC in November 2007.

Mr. Stoddard stated Dominion and North Anna continue to carefully monitor the developments and management of both used fuel and low-level radioactive waste.

Mr. Stoddard said work continues on the second dry fuel storage pad to ensure that Dominion can safely store used nuclear fuel from the facility.

Mr. Stoddard stated the employees are an outstanding group of professionals who care deeply about what they do at work and about the community they serve.  Mr. Stoddard said employees work in the schools to mentor young people, build houses for Habitat for Humanity, improve the Communitys parks, collect toys for children, collect food for families in need and actively support troops in Iraq through letters and care packages.  Mr. Stoddard added the employees make North Anna a top performer.  

Mr. Harper stated he knows Dominion has upgraded the sirens systems and questioned if North Anna has looked at reverse 911.  Mr. Harper stated when 911 calls comes in, they are identified through dispatch, but it can be set up through a certain mile radius of the plant for the calls to go out as well with a recorded message to the households.  Mr. Stoddard stated he was not aware that has been done, but he will do a follow up on that.  

Jerry Rosenthal, Patrick Henry District, stated this public meeting is required under the terms of the signed agreement of April 26, 1984 between VEPCO and Louisa County.  Mr. Rosenthal added under that agreement, Louisa County received $150,000 and VEPCO got the end of the lawsuits related to their decision to transship nuclear fuel waste from Surry to North Anna.  Mr. Rosenthal further added the County also got written promises from VEPCO on the storage of high and low-level waste at North Anna.  

Mr. Rosenthal stated one condition under this agreement was an annual public hearing on eleven specified items, which were to be discussed.  Mr. Rosenthal said this is the time for the Board to ask questions about the plant and to get information to solicit the public.  Mr. Rosenthal stated this public hearing is to address the operations of the plant and include the following items:

Mr. Rosenthal stated the public hearing is not to address State of the Station.  Mr. Rosenthal said he had written a letter to note the County should properly advertise the public hearing in conformity with the rules and regulations.  Mr. Rosenthal stated the advertisement of the public hearing had the wrong date and emphasized this public hearing is not the State of the Station; it is the story for the County.  Mr. Rosenthal added there is no downside to doing this public hearing correctly.  

Mr. Rosenthal stated in the 1980s, Robert Huff, from Robinson, Farmer and Cox, urged the board to set up a decommissioning fund for the time when the plant goes offline and the taxes stop.  Mr. Rosenthal stated Dominion has paid over $220 million in taxes and nothing has been set aside.  Mr. Rosenthal commented this is fiscally irresponsible.  

Mr. Rosenthal stated when large groups of citizens and property owners came forward and explained how Dominions plans would negatively affect them and their property, the Board did nothing.  Mr. Rosenthal added the Board did not stand up for the citizens.  

Mr. Rosenthal stated the School Board came forward and correctly noted the possible negative effects of a massive construction project on the schools and their budgets, but again, the Board of Supervisors did nothing.

Mr. Rosenthal said potassium iodine, which is a small real protection and has been distributed in case of an accident, expires this summer.  Mr. Rosenthal questioned if Dominion, the State or the Board will take action to re-supply the public and to provide the information to everyone.  Mr. Rosenthal added this is more important than the staged emergency drills.

Mr. Rosenthal stated he hopes the Board members will recognize that this public meeting is not about confronting Dominion; it is about education and making better decisions involving and utilizing the public.

Harry Ruth, Jackson District, stated he represents the Friends of Lake Anna.  Mr. Ruth said the organization is not anti-nuclear, nor do they have not-in-my-backyard sentiments.  Mr. Ruth stated the group does not oppose the addition of two new reactors at the plant, however, they dont want to see new reactors create adverse impacts, when Dominion could use the dry air cooled technology, rather than using water air cooled.  

Mr. Ruth stated the organization applauds Dominion for being good taxpayers to the County, even though the tax contribution has very little variation, while the Lake Anna residential tax assessments have more than doubled in the past five years.  Mr. Ruth said Dominion contributes about thirty percent of the tax revenues and Lake Anna residential tax revenues contribute about twenty-two percent, while Lake Anna occupies less than four percent of the Countys land.  

Mr. Ruth said Lake Anna was formed for two reasons:

1. The creation of cooling waters for a nuclear power plant
2. To provide a major recreational area with an estimated two million visitors by the year 2000

Mr. Ruth stated the Friends of Lake Anna were concerned with existing plant operations.  Mr. Ruth said last year, Dominion heated the entire lake to over ninety degrees, which is in violation of the U.S. Clean Water Act.  Mr. Ruth added Dominion has also discharged heated water over 104 degrees from the discharge canal to areas where residents swim, boat and fish.  Mr. Ruth said there appears to be no safety protections for terrorist attacks against the dam.  Mr. Ruth questioned if building another water-cooled reactor was the best approach for Louisa County and the citizens of Virginia.  Mr. Ruth said the organization is also concerned with the protection of the spent nuclear fuel that will be created from the new reactors.  Mr. Ruth stated there are also concerns about the safety on the existing two-lane road and the emergency evacuation route.

Mr. Ruth stated the small watershed that feeds Lake Anna is only large enough to provide cooling waters for the current reactors and Dominion is planning to install two additional reactors that are much larger than initially planned.  Mr. Ruth added the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VDEQ) said the North Anna watershed is too small to allow large water withdrawals.  

Mr. Ruth said the height of the facility buildings should not exceed the tree lines to protect the rural esthetic atmosphere of the lake community.  Mr. Ruth indicated the impact of 5,000 to 7,000 new workers would create the need for expanded roads and new schools and other County infrastructures.  Mr. Ruth added these would need to be planned and built prior to any new construction.

Mr. Ruth stated with the help from the Board, Dominion could resolve the above concerns with the existing and proposed reactors.  Mr. Ruth said the Friends of Lake Anna are in support of the new reactors, but the safety and environmental issues must be resolved prior to the issuance of any local building permits.  Mr. Ruth stated the organization requests that the Board work with the appropriate federal and state agencies to ensure that the U.S. Clean Water Act be enforced.  Mr. Ruth said the Friends of Lake Anna requests the Boards support for the alternative analysis for the third unit.  

Fay Rosenthal, Patrick Henry District stated the Supervisors should have the same concerns as the Friends of Lake Anna and the Board should be asking questions to Dominion.

Mr. Stoddard emphasized that all current and future reactors comply with all State and Federal regulations.  

Mr. Gentry questioned Mr. Stoddard on how he would respond if he were a Board member and someone said the water was too hot.  Mr. Stoddard stated he doesnt find the water to be too hot, but he would listen and recognize the concerns and the purpose of the waste heat treatment facility is to cool the water before it goes into the lake and thats what it does.  

Mr. Wright stated he would like to express his appreciation for the citizens that spoke because the public should always come to the Board with concerns.

Mr. Purcell stated he thinks Dominion has been a good corporate neighbor to the citizens of the County.  Mr. Purcell said he has never heard anyone complain about Dominion, but he has heard a lot of people say how great it is.  Mr. Purcell questioned fiscal irresponsibility and stated the School Board doesnt think a third and fourth reactor would benefit the County, but they think a $24 million school would be good for Louisa.  Mr. Purcell said he feels certain that the main reason that Dominion has a great level of support is because the plant has done a lot of good for the County and its people.  Mr. Purcell said he hopes as a corporate entity, Dominion will take care of their employees.

Mr. Jennings commended Dominion for everything they have done.  Mr. Jennings said there are citizens who have concerns and he thinks Dominion should contact these citizens.  Mr. Jennings added he hopes that Dominion will take better protection measures with the dam area.  Mr. Jennings said there might be a need for a possible stoplight for Route 652 and Route 700, because they will be the most impacted with the traffic increase.  Mr. Jennings stated the most important issue at this time is the willingness to work with the citizens.

Mr. Barnes stated dialogue is always good and makes issues better, but the Board and citizens are concerned about spent fuel and things in that nature.  Mr. Barnes said the biggest concern is what is going to happen with spent fuel.  Mr. Barnes stated the auditor told the Board to do away with the decommissioning fund.  Mr. Lintecum stated the County has a significant General Fund Balance and that is allowable to make sure the capital budget is what it is.  Mr. Lintecum said it shows that money could be used for that purpose, so the County has a large General Fund Balance and a large Capital Fund Balance.  Mr. Lintecum said this allows the County to have reserves.  Mr. Barnes said Virginia Power and citizens of the County need to work together to get better, and if this isnt done, then problems dont get fixed.  Mr. Barnes said he is appreciative of Virginia Power and what they do for the community because Louisa needs that cooperation to make things happen.

Mr. Harper stated the Town of Mineral is in the ten-mile zone of the plant and said they do participate in that process.  

Mr. Gentry stated Dominion and the Board have responsibilities to express concerns and said he recognizes what Dominion does for the County, but he hopes the plant expects to hear concerns from a Board member.

Mr. Wright said he hopes the public will continue to express their concerns to the Board and noted that disagreement is what generates progress.  

Abandonment of extension of Route 1110, East 5th Street, in the Town of Mineral.

Mr. Harper stated he would be abstaining from this vote.

Mr. Lintecum stated it has been requested by the Town of Mineral to abandon a portion of Rt. 1110, East 5
th Street in Mineral.  Mr. Lintecum said according to VDOT, the Board is to hold a public hearing and adopt a resolution supporting the abandonment of 5th Street.  

Mr. Purcell said as the liaison of the Town of Louisa and the Town of Mineral, he discussed this issue with the Mineral Town Manager to further his knowledge of the situation.  Mr. Purcell added after doing that, this appears as a straight forward act.

On motion of Mr. Purcell, seconded by Mr. Barnes, with Mr. Harper abstaining, which carried by a vote of 5-0-1, the Board voted to adopt a resolution supporting the abandonment of 5th Street in Mineral.


On motion of Mr. Barnes, seconded by Mr. Purcell, which carried by a vote of 6-0, the Board voted to recess the February 20, 2007 meeting at 7:44 p.m. until March 5, 2007 at 3:00 p.m.