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Self Sufficiency / Benefits

TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families)

A program that provides monthly or one-time cash assistance to families with related children. There are State and Federal limits on the number of months assistance can be received.

The TANF program was designed to dramatically reform the nation's welfare system by moving recipients into work, developing the personal responsibility of recipients, and turning welfare into a program of temporary assistance.

VIEW (Virginia Initiative for Employment Not Welfare)

An Employment Services program for TANF recipients who are required to participate. Non-mandatory recipients may be able to volunteer to participate in the program. Support services such as child care and transportation may be available to enable participants to work or to receive training or education which are intended to lead to employment. The program gives participants real work experience and provides on-the-job training so they can get off public assistance and support themselves and their families. Call our agency at (540) 967-1320 for more information about income eligibility and the application process.
Visit our pre-screening program online at: Virginia Department of Social Services.
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