• The Authority has awarded a contract to Wide Open Networks to oversee Construction of a Wireless Network Infrastructure and Ongoing Network Operations.
  • The Authority presented their request for funding Phase I of the Broadband plan at the Supervisor's Dec 7th meeting. A public hearing was scheduled and held Jan 19th, 2016 for a budget amendment allowing the requested funding of $1.1 million to implement a first phase consisting of ten towers, connected with high-speed microwave radios and and intended for location by wireless internet service providers (WISP) for both serving local customers and hopping off to neighborhood poles.
  • The Draft Final Report was presented to the Board of Supervisors at the June 1st 2015 meeting.
  • The Authority has selected Design Nine out of Blacksburg as their consultant to assist in furthering the Authority's plan for county-wide broadband coverage in Louisa County. Representatives from Design Nine will attend the Board of Supervisor's meeting on the 2nd of February and will stay for the Authority meeting on the 3rd - both in the County Public Meeting Room.
  • SCC meeting Sept 30th - County Attorney Mike Lockaby and IT Director Bob Hardy met with SCC representatives in Richmond to discuss the FCC experimental grant funding. They were encouraging and suggested we meet with the FCC to discuss Louisa County.
  • FCC meeting Oct 10th - Mike and Bob met with Mr. Chambers at the FCC in Washington to discuss the potentiallity of Louisa participating in their experimental grant opportunity. Take-away from the meeting was that our Authority and County are probably not far enough along in our plan development to participate this year, but were encouraged to prepare for next year's grant cycle. We should also plan on teaming up with local utility cooperatives to be looked on favorably by the FCC selection process.
  • Our proposed changes to the Telecomm Ordinance and Master Plan are proceeding, currently in Community Development Department and our Telecomm consultant's reviews. Anticipated that these changes will make it to the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisor Public Hearings February 2015.
  • Discussed providing Letters of Support to a local vendor's requests to the Board of Supervisors for Special Exemption on putting wooden poles in select communities, the use of County properties for community poles for broadband, and the use of public safety reserved spaces on commercial towers for broadband use. The third request was to provide a Letter of Support to Albemarle County for a local vendor to utilize their 2.5 Ghz frequency for a 4G/LTE pilot project in Louisa County.