Family Days at the Heritage Farm

Hands-on history with learning and fun for all ages! Family Days will be held at Heritage Farm, which is located beside the Sargeant Museum at 214 Fredericksburg Ave., Louisa, with plenty of parking in front of the Louisa Arts Center. These FREE programs follow an open-house setting from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m.  
Heritage Farm
Ready for School
Saturday, September 9th 
​Before the Trevilians School House was built in 1880, many local families paid a teacher to come educate their children in a rural setting. The Michie House was used as one of these rural schools in the 1830s. Learn the 3 R’s and participate in activities such as writing with a quill and ink, chalkboard, and sewing a sampler.


Saturday, October 21st 
Life on the farm in the fall meant preparing for winter. Learn about harvest feasts, the origin and use of scarecrows, and the evolution of the tradition that we now know as Halloween. Activities include open hearth cooking, building a scarecrow for our garden, and participating in household chores including making a mattress. 
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Colonial Thanksgiving
Saturday, November 11th
Established in 1742, early settlers of Louisa County came from many different cultures. Learn about the English, Scottish, Irish, German, Huguenot, and African traditions they brought with them and how they assimilated with each other and the Native Americans. Activities include trade and barter, making corn husk dolls, and open hearth cooking. 


Winter Traditions on the Frontier
Saturday, December 9th 

Winter on an 18th Century farm provided time for cozy family gatherings and holiday traditions by the fireplace. Learn about the various cultural influences and homemade gifts. Activities will include making paper ornaments, rag dolls, and open hearth cooking.

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